Adults & Couples

Regardless whether you come to psychotherapy alone or as a couple, we will look at relationships in our work together.  We will do so in a protected therapy environment. Our current world offers little in the way of protected space to explore our true feelings, thoughts, histories, and desires. This yields many problematic scenarios that most people experience in their lifetime

  • People stay too long in relationships that are unsatisfying or hurtful.
  • Others run from or abandon relationships too quickly, or prefer to spend a lot of time solo.
  • Sometimes the only solution for some people is to disconnect entirely from the world, which inevitably generates loneliness.

Any of these sound familiar? While we ultimately crave relationships as human beings, relationships take time and work. They can feel and BE exhausting, scary, and overwhelming in these scenarios. Finding a thoughtful balance between staying true to ourselves and maintaining nurturing, meaningful relationships is challenging. Relationships, both with yourself and others, deserve a reflective, thoughtful, & protected space. Psychotherapy can help.

Psychotherapy with me will work to understand how you experience, tolerate, and invite both stresses and pleasures into your life. We can begin to identify what leaves you feeling dissatisfied, in crisis, or repeating painful patterns. One aim of our dialogue together would be to help increase your availability to yourself & others. Some people might call this heightened internal and external awareness.

When awareness increases, in my experience, many people feel more in control of their lives, deal better with what they can’t control, and find themselves leading a more fulfilling & satisfying life. Interested? Contact me at 415.820.1640 to set up an initial appointment.