My Specialties

I have listed my specialty areas below. If you’re unsure about what you’re struggles are, I’ve offered some questions or scenarios to help you think about it in each area. If you find yourself answering “yes” to a lot of the questions, rest assured that I’ve helped a number of people struggling with similar issues. No need to know before you call me though! Being unsure is just fine too.

  • Depression & Anxiety: Having trouble finding motivation to do much of anything? Tired of feeling worried all of the time? Does your worrying and sadness keeping you from interacting with others?
  • Perfectionism: Do you have a hard time leaving work until you get it ‘just right?’ In conversations with others, do you find yourself distracted by your to-do list? Do you notice being considerably hard on yourself regularly? Feel anxious all of the time? In fact, maybe you don’t notice it because you’ve been doing it for so long.
  • Self Harm Behavior: Drinking too much or using substances after a long day to attempt to relax or soothe yourself? Is it a secret from most people or are you ashamed of what you do? Does the experience of cutting give you a sense of relief? Have you been afraid to talk to a professional about your self harm behavior for fear of what they might think? Have you had an experience where a professional reacted by sending you to the hospital without talking with you first? Do you call yourself a masochist?
  • Work Burnout: Have you had enough with your job? Are you just going through the motions at work? Do you feel depleted all of the time? Finding it difficult to take care of yourself?
  • Relationships & Trauma:  Are you compelled by relationships that seem like less than you deserve? Do you think that you’re being abused emotionally? Do your relationships remind you of another, earlier relationship in your life that was painful? Are you struggling with a mentally ill parent, partner, or sibling? Do you believe that your child has suffered a trauma and would benefit from psychological intervention to promote recovery?
  • Displacement & Dislocation: Feeling unsure how to fit in? New to the Bay Area? Moved a while ago and feel estranged from family/friends? Are you anticipating a move? Not sure how to create a community that feels fulfilling?
  • Mental Health Professionals Working in Community Settings: Working for an agency? Feeling burned out all of the time? This is a very particular kind of position; you’re in the trenches. I offer a space to explore your experience and make sense of your day to day work. In addition to psychotherapy in this area, I also offer consultation. I’m currently forming a group on this topic for those new to psychotherapy or the field with my colleague, Carol Paxson. See Early Career MH Process Group for details and feel free to contact me with questions or to join.

Additional Specialties of Mine in Working with Youth & Their Families:

  • Children with Special Needs: Are you really worried about your child or your family as a result of your child’s behavior? Have you been having trouble finding appropriate services for your child? Does it seem like you’re running all over the place to appointments? Considering residential treatment or a higher level of care? Will your child be transition from a higher level soon and you’re worried? I have extensive experience with navigating the process of getting services for kids, interact regularly with schools, know multiple resources, & have a strong sense of the intensive supports required to enter/exit programs.
  • Parents Considering Adoption, Who Have Adopted Already, or Who Have Interacted with the Foster Care System: Thinking about adoption and not really sure what to think about? Do you really want a child and wish that the process didn’t take so long? Feeling nervous about how it will go? Feeling really discouraged by interactions with your child? Maybe you have no concerns and think that it will be a breeze. I offer perspective on adoption that pulls from attachment theory and is mixed with my experience in working with adoptees. We can think together about how this change will or has impacted everyone’s life.