Teens and work w/Families

Are you a teen looking for help who is frustrated with your parents or family? Are you experiencing a transition and worried about it? Do you feel like you don’t belong or like no one understands you? Maybe you’re not sure what’s happening or if you need help.

Are you feeling bewildered as a parent or caregiver with your teen or worried about their wellbeing? Feeling unsure about what’s happening and looking for guidance?

I believe that I can help. Psychotherapy is a powerful tool to help us look more honestly and compassionately at how and why we communicate what we do. Below are some ways that I can help you and your loved ones. Please contact me if you have a desire to:

  • communicate more effectively
  • reduce confusion and increase understanding about your child’s or your experience (Some examples might include difficulties with social comfort, sexual orientation, gender identity/gender expression, depression, anxiety, substance use, or self harm behavior)
  • engage with people in a more meaningful way
  • locate a therapeutic relationship that endures developmental changes and offers consistency is effective, sometimes moreso than a patchwork of services