Children, Teens, & Families

Considering therapy for you child or family? Please watch my video and read more information about my services below. You’ll find separate sections on my work with children, teens, and families. Additional resources and reading materials are also offered at the bottom of this page.

I help family members:

  • communicate more effectively
  • reduce blame and assumptions
  • identify disconnects or mistranslations between what one person is saying or does & another person hears or sees
  • engage with each other in a more meaningful way
  • understand that locating a therapeutic relationship that endures developmental changes and offers consistency is effective, sometimes moreso than a patchwork of services, leaving all parties to feel “overscheduled”

Psychotherapy is a powerful tool to look at how and why we communicate what we do, and in a supportive environment. See My Specialties to learn more about my interest in working with adoption issues and children identified with special needs & their families. I also offer a number of community resources below for children & families.


Young child angry

Working with Children

With children, it is necessary for them to communicate with me through their play. The meaning of children’s play and the links that they make while doing it, are so frequently underestimated. Sometimes, parents and children have simply forgotten how to play together or something has diminished the importance of parent/child play. I can help families rediscover playtime and thereby enhance relationships.

I think of family work as an important aspect of any child or adolescent treatment. However, it may not be the central component of our work. We will decide together how often I will meet with parents or as a family, if I plan to see an individual child for treatment.




Working with Adolescents/Teens

Ah, the years of testing authority, feeling out the world, and “trying everything on for size.” Parents can feel helpless or even ineffectual when their child is going through this period. Generally, adolescence or even pre-adolescence is when we start to observe self harm behavior and dabbling in substance experimentation, sometimes leading to substance abuse. It can be a bewildering time for all, and I seek to provide education and intensive support, unless we determine that another setting might be more beneficial.

You can find laws and regulations related to teens in treatment HERE.




parents_child_silhouette1Working with Families 

Sometimes family therapy (as in all family members in the room) will make sense only after a child or other family members have been in treatment separately for a period of time. Sometimes, it makes sense immediately.

Family therapy can also be parent or couples work that occurs alongside your child or adolescent’s individual treatment. In my practice, all child and teen work requires collateral sessions with parents. However, I will also assess whether or not it could be more appropriate for another professional to meet with you for couples or family work, if I am working with the child separately.



Masonic Center for Youth & Families

Willows in the Wind, Support Group for Parents Considering Residential Treatment

Egewood Center for Children & Families, Acute Intensive Services

SF Parks & Rec, resource for free/low cost classes in SF

Bruce Perry, Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT), Great resource for developing responses to trauma

Collaborative Problem Solving by Ross Greene