Children, Teens, & Families

Are you a bewildered parent or caregiver considering therapy for or with your child? Are you a teen looking for help? Psychotherapy is a powerful tool to help us look more honestly and compassionately at how and why we communicate what we do. Below are some ways that I can help you and your loved ones. Please contact me if you have a desire to:

  • communicate more effectively
  • reduce confusion and increase understanding about your child’s or your experience (Some examples might include difficulties with social comfort, sexual orientation, gender identity/gender expression, depression, anxiety, substance use, or self harm behavior)
  • engage with people in a more meaningful way
  • locate a therapeutic relationship that endures developmental changes and offers consistency is effective, sometimes moreso than a patchwork of services

See also My Specialties section to learn more about my areas of focus. Here are also more community resources for children, teens, & families:

  • Relevant info re: laws and regulations for  teens in treatment: HERE.