Therapy Services

I provide counseling services in person, via phone, and internet (see Phone & Online therapy below) to:

Sessions are generally 50 minutes long for individuals and 60 minutes for couples or families. I feel that I can be most helpful when these sessions occur at least 1x per week. We can discuss other options as time goes on and as we assess your needs.

My counseling services encourage curiosity about thoughts, feelings, and actions. This often leads to a clearer picture of how you’d like to lead your life. We’ll also uncover fears that might be getting in the way of what you really want. That said, curiosity can get tricky. There’s that phrase, curiosity killed the cat. With my training & a protected space, we can generate a curiosity that stays away from endlessly scary, unnecessary, or hazardous, as suggested in the fate of the cat.

If you’re unsure about what you’re struggling with or if I can help you, check out the section, My Specialties.

Phone & Online Therapy

Live in a rural area? Want more sessions than traveling will allow? I offer psychotherapy via the phone and internet using The software requires a certain level operating system. We can do a test-session to ensure that you can use this system. This is like Skype, but secure. You must reside in the state of CA, since that is where I am licensed. Please call me directly if you are interested in this version of psychotherapy. We can discuss if this is appropriate for your treatment. I generally suggest at least 1 in person meeting prior to embarking on a phone or online treatment.