Affording Treatment

“How can I afford this?” is a common question when contemplating paying for psychotherapy.  I think of mental health treatment much like any other investment, like an education or a home. With therapy, you will invest time and money in a process where the outcome hopefully generates useful perspective. Keep in mind that embarking on and sustaining a psychotherapeutic treatment does require some financial planning, particularly if you elect to not use your health insurance.

Fees & Coverage

I accept cash, check, or credit card for payment. If you’re looking to make a payment online, you can do so here.

Currently, my full fee is 130/session for individuals and 150/session for couples and families. I offer a number of sliding scale times in my practice, so I encourage you to contact me about whether or not they are available. If you need a lower fee than I can provide, I will give you resources (also see below).

I am not currently on any insurance panels. I can compile invoices for you to seek reimbursement through a Health Savings Account or through your PPO health insurance plan. If you choose to see me as an out of network provider through your PPO plan, it is generally customary for patients to be reimbursed for some part of the fee charged. See also below A Note on Using Insurance.

I am an approved Private Provider with San Francisco City & County to see Adults and Children for treatment. In order to be covered, you must seek services through the 24-Hour Access Helpline: (415) 255-3737 or (888) 246-3333. If you have been a victim of a violent crime, some treatment may be covered, and I can compose statements as needed. If this is you, please see the Victim’s Compensation Program website HERE.

Below, I also outline a number of low to moderate fee psychotherapy clinics in the Bay Area.

A Note on Using Insurance

First of all, there is certainly nothing wrong with using your insurance to cover mental health services. That’s what it’s for, and finally legislation requires that plans cover mental health services! However, it is important for you to know how using insurance coverage impacts your treatment. First, you may find it challenging to locate an in-network provider that’s accepting new patients. Most insurance companies have not expanded their networks to make up for all of the new people with coverage. If you continue to have trouble locating a good fit, consider seeing someone who can offer a sliding scale. In other words, fit is crucial. Research suggests that fit between therapist and patient is the best predictor of a successful outcome.

Secondly, your confidentiality is compromised because in order for treatment to continue or be covered, certain pieces of information must be released (i.e., your diagnosis, summary of treatment, historical details). Most therapists practice limited information sharing to protect the integrity of your treatment. There are plenty of competent, excellent professionals on insurance panels. If you do choose to stick to your insurance plan, it would be wise to refer to the provider’s list and inquire with professionals/friends about who they might recommend.

Community Clinics and Training Clinics

Low fee clinics are also available in the Bay Area. Many are staffed by Registered Interns or Psychological Assistants, who are under supervision of seasoned professionals. If you are considering this option, the following are trusted resources in the community:

Access Institute, Training Institute, SF
The Psychotherapy Institute, Training Institute, Berkeley
The Marina Counseling Center, Training Institute, SF
CIIS Counseling Centers, Training Institute, various spots in SF