My Approach

My style is warm, interactive, and engaging. Your internal world is important and deserves to be understood in a protected place. My theoretical orientation is psychodynamic or psychoanalytic, which is generally considered “talk therapy,” depth oriented, and strives to connect with the unconscious. Our unconscious motivations exist outside of societal norms and our day-to-day awareness. Psychodynamic or psychoanalytic therapy aims to encounter & better understand these motivations, in a protected space that we co-create together. Feel free to explore my blog, SHRINK, for more details on the psychodynamic or psychoanalytic orientation.

I also strive to practice within a culturally informed and relational framework. What I mean is, it’s important for me to educate myself about blind spots and try my hardest to stay aware and curious about the fact that we are two people, with different identities, psyches, and histories, coming together in a room. So, I will contemplate how our various layers and intersections of identities might impact each other, and when relevant or potentially useful, I’ll encourage us to talk about it. My hope is that I’ll provide a space where you will feel free to voice your full experience and support you in living as your true, full, natural self.

A note on incorporation of Yoga & Meditation principles…

So often, there is a disconnect between our minds and our bodies that causes us profound suffering. Encouraging a reconnection between mind & body can really shift, rejuvenate, and enliven things, particularly if you’re noticing a lot of bodily symptoms. I have found that with certain folks, relying on and incorporating principles of Yoga and Meditation can be useful tools. I realize that these options are not appealing for everyone, so they are incorporated on a case by case basis and by request.