My Approach

My style is warm, interactive, and engaging. I am collaborative and interested in the changes that you envision in your life. We will dialogue about how these fit into treatment. Keep in mind that when I say “you” this could also mean you and your partner, family, and/or child.

Theoretical Orientation

My theoretical orientation is psychodynamic or psychoanalytic. What does this mean? It is generally considered “talk therapy,” depth oriented, and strives to connect with the unconscious. Our unconscious motivations exist outside of our day-to-day awareness. Psychodynamic or psychoanalytic therapy aims to encounter & better understand these motivations, by honoring and evaluating the relationship that we construct together in the protected therapeutic environment. Your internal world is important and deserves to be understood.

Feel free to explore my blog, SHRINK, to learn more about a psychodynamic/psychoanalytic approach & its applicability. My patients report that they are grateful to the insight that our sessions generate and feel relieved that they have uncovered a more authentic version of themselves. People often notice feeling more alive in their day-to-day life AND notice increased emotional availability after some time in an intensive, psychodynamic or psychoanalytic treatment.

Yoga & Meditation

I also find that principles of yoga practice and meditation can be incredibly useful to therapy, and integrate them into my approach. No, we will not practice yoga in session, however I might encourage you to approach things in the same manner that one might “come to their mat” or practice yoga/meditation. So often, there is a disconnect between our minds and our bodies. Sometimes encouraging a reconnection between mind & body can really shift things, particularly if you’re noticing a lot of bodily symptoms.

My approach in Family Work

I approach family sessions from a systems perspective, where we will ponder how the family contributes to or participates in the difficulty that brings your child, adolescent, or family to therapy.