About Me

IMG_5630I am licensed in California as Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC51116) and Pennsylvania (MF001342), and I have been practicing psychotherapy since 2004 in a private practice setting, public and independent schools, and acute psychiatric treatment centers for youth. I graduated from New College of California with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, which had an emphasis on feminist thought, critical theory, & social justice. I completed a three year, Post-Graduate Psychotherapy Training program at The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley, and I have experience working in a variety of clinic and school settings, as outlined below. I have undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Spanish. I am also a Certified Yoga Teacher (200hr).

I believe that various people’s experiences are often shaped by oppressive systems and narrow, but HIGH expectations, that keep their true selves out of reach, thereby causing deep pain, shame, and trauma. These wounds can be covered over, denied, projected, and re-enacted. I frequently seek professional development opportunities in my field & across disciplines, and regularly engage in consultation with respected colleagues. These endeavors sharpen the clarity of the socio-cultural lens through which I aim to practice and help me to stay curious about the ways that I can improve, deepen, and stay creative in my work with people.

I have a special interest in helping people awaken to things like oppression & whiteness. I like to help people understand the impact of these things on our bodies/minds/hearts, the attachments we might have to them, how they’re perpetuated, and discover the ways we can wrestle with letting them go. I work well with people who are looking to heal relationships with people in their communities, at work, and home. Whether you are someone coming from a marginalized place, someone with a lot of privilege, or someone who is questioning a need to make a major transition in your life, I welcome your call.